5th Mar 2018

Dear parents,

This week we are hosting a Book Fair. The children are viewing the books on offer today and tomorrow. They will make a choice and the children from 1st to 6th will record the price of the book in their journal. Then on Wednesday and Thursday they will bring in the money to pay for their book. Parents from the Parents Association are helping with taking in the money on Wednesday and Thursday. This is a wonderful way to encourage your child to read more, and the more books that are bought by the children, the more books we get donated to our library by the company running the Book Fair.

A text has already gone out to the parents of Senior and Junior Infants asking the parents themselves to come in at 1.30 on Tue/Wed/Thur to buy a book on their child’s behalf. The infants have had a chance today to look at what’s on offer.


John Egan