19th Jan 2016

The 2016 leagues got off to a flying start with 5 high quality matches. The opening boys’ match would have done justice to the final and with Ben O Toole and Fionn Buckley firing the bullets, The Ultimate 7 proved too strong for the Magic Michaels. There were also wins for Adidas BC, who recovered from a slow start to edge out The Bulldogs, and for LKMJJ, who beat CBCEFR in the battle of the weird names !

In the girls’ games The Jelly Tots had a sweet success against the Super Women, while the B Ballers and The Balling Champs could not be separated on the scoreboard as their match ended up in a thrilling draw.

Player of the Day:

Boys: Ben O Toole

Girls: Zoe Jakab


Best Score of the Day: 

Boys: Alex O Toole

Girls : Sara Lovett