Below you will see the teams for the boys’ and girls’ basketball leagues which begin on Thursday 24th Jan.The teams have been given a letter name. This will be updated tomorrow when the captains will have chosen their team name. Because there are 7 teams in the boys’ league, one team will have a bye each week. (this means they will have no game) Make sure you check out the fixture list each week to see if your team is playing and if so, at what time.
The following are the basic rules . Read over them so that you know what to expect each Thursday.
1. There will be 6 games each week
2. The first game will begin at 2.35pm sharp.
3. Each game will last for exactly 8 minutes.
4. For the first 4 minutes of each game, no bouncing or dribbling of the ball will be allowed.
5. For the last 4 minutes, dribbling will be allowed.
6. 5 players per team will be on the court at any one time. After every 2 minutes, substitutions will be made. This means that no-one is off for more than two minutes.
7. It is the captain’s responsibility to make sure that substitutions are done fairly. Everyone must take a turn at being off.
8. Schoolbags may be brought into the hall but they must be kept in against the wall at all times.
9 If anyone doesn’t understand any of these rules, Mr Ellis will explain them in school
10. Make sure your parents/guardian know that you are playing and remind them what time you will be finished.
11. PE gear must be worn.

The Blue Tangerines
Eyum Ocheola Oki (c )
Katie Wisdom
Caoimhe Thornton
Emma Long
Abby Delaney
Zofia Furmaniak

The Fruities
Sarah Butler (c )
Erica O`Reilly
Rachel Hazley
Evita Obayawana
Eve Doyle
Aoife Woods

Dangerous Divas
Ellen Shumba (c )
Abby Shiels
Chinyene Ubaekwe
Marann Gately
Hinda Mohammed
Jane Duffy

The Cappuccinos
Carla Delmar (c )
Sinéad Keogh
Chloe Kearns
Sally Martin
Aoibheann Higgins
Iris Ruddy

The Frappuccinos
Rebecca Byrne (c )
Sarah Cramp
Anna Winter
Jessica Okakpu
Lauryn Flynn
Lauryn Poleon


Nothing But Nets
Haashim Sohail (c )
Liam Masterson
Charlie Keher
Georgie Simeunovic
Adam McGarry
Seán Banks

The Gingers of Lucan
Seán Conroy
(c )
Kingsley Okakpu
Mark Gormley
Jake Lynam
Rory O`Keefe
William Nabulele
Colin Keogh

The Turkey Rolls
Stephen Kennedy
(c )
Ishaan Rawat
Ben O`Toole
Luke Finnerty
Ryan O`Dowd
Niall Walsh
Alex Konovalov

Rhino Style
Eoin Griffin
(c )
Jack Colgan
Philip Kane
Eoin O`Sullivan
Stanko Lazarevic
Luke Foran
James Clark

The Mighty Moustaches
Jack Fleming
(c )
Jack Butler
Cian Hyland
Dean White
Crea Cullen
Seán Bartley
James Kebana

Red Devils
Dylan Knowles (c )
Cian Buckley
Harry Day
Seán Egan
Gian Ferrer
Alex Zajac
Danesi Momoh

Looney Tunes
Seán Nolan
(c )
Saul Martin
Conall Chambers
Luke Monaghan
Oisín O`Shea Kelly
Matthew Obayuwana

The Fixtures for Thursday 24th are
2.35:Blue Tangerines v Fruities (Girls)
2.45: Nothing But Nets v Gingers of Lucan (Boys)
2.55: Dangerous Divas v Cappuccinos (Girls)
3.05: Turkey RollsV Rhino Style (Boys)
3.15:Fruities v Cappuccinos (Girls)
3.25:Mighty Moustaches v Red Devils(Boys)

Please note that Fruities will play 2 games on Day 1 in the Girls’ League.
Also, Looney Tunes will not have a game on Day 1 in the Boys’ league.

Last game finishes at 3.35pm