25th Jan 2013

The first series of matches in the 2013 basketball leagues produced some very exciting games. In the boys’ competition, there were wins for The Gingers of Lucan, Rhino Style and the Red Devils. In the girls’league, The Blue Tangerines and the Fruities won while Dangerous Divas and The Cappuccinos played out a thrilling draw. The results were as follows

2.35:Blue Tangerines 2 v Fruities 0 (Girls)
2.45: Nothing But Nets 2 v Gingers of Lucan 4 (Boys)
2.55: Dangerous Divas 2 v Cappuccinos 2 (Girls)
3.05: Turkey Rolls 0 v Rhino Style 4 (Boys)
3.15:Fruities 8 v Cappuccinos 2 (Girls)
3.25:Mighty Moustaches 0 v Red Devils 2 (Boys)