The basketball leagues got off to a flying start on Tuesday with five thrilling matches. Two baskets was the biggest winning margin in any of the games. There was even a bit of controversy in the last game when the Basket Boys thought they had equalised with the last shot of the match only for the score to be overruled because the final whistle had sounded before the shot was taken.

The following were the scores and MVP (Most valuable player)


Trouble Makers 8       Doughnuts 12  (Maria Furmaniak)

Dribbling Divas 2        The Seven Musketeers 4      (Juliette Borton)


Forever 21     10            The Flying Duffmen     6  (Stephen Mc Inerney)

Our Names Are Jeff    8          You Mad Bro     4 (Anderson Kebana)

Basket Boys       2                The Hyper Baskets     4 (Sami Clarke)


Fixtures for Tuesday January 20th are as follows.


2.35 The Flying Duffmen v The Hyper Baskets BOYS
2.45 The Seven Musketeers v The Jammy Dodgers GIRLS
2.55 You Mad Bro v Basket Boys BOYS
3.05 Trouble Makers v Dribbling Divas GIRLS
3.15 Forever 21 v Our Names Are Jeff BOYS

Doughnuts idle