Today was the big day. It was the day we went to the South Dublin County Council to take part in the ceremony for the winner of the Anti-Litter Competition. We also were launching Eco-week. First we went into the Chamber building. We waited in the waiting room first. Then we were called into the main room. The seats were in order in a round circle. Then we saw the Irish flag, the European Union flag and the South Dublin County Council flag. We had a rehearsal for the ceremony. Our teacher took some pictures. Then the real thing stared. There was a parade with all the students and the Mayor of Dublin gave us our prizes. We were very proud. We had a great day. We were very lucky to be runners up. Over 40 schools took part in the Competition.

By Áine O’ Brien and Mark Gormly.

One comment on “Anti-litter SDCC competition runners up

  1. Well done Aine, what a great achievement. From your Aunt and cousins in Clare.