22nd Sep 2014

Our annual forecast competition was, once again, an outstanding success. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it so. Well done to all the children and parents who sold the forecast lines and to all who contributed. Congratulations to the winners , who are listed below.
After distributing over €900 in prizes, we made a very handsome profit of about €1,500. With this money, we will shortly be purchasing a new set of basketball posts for the yard. If we didn’t have the forecast competition , this equipment would have to be paid for out of our school funds. As it is, we can use school funds to replace and replenish basic PE equipment which has to be topped up annually.
Not surprisingly, with a low-scoring final, nobody predicted the correct score of Kerry 2-9 ; Donegal 0-12.
Three people predicted the correct cumulative score (15-12).
Forty eight people predicted that Kerry would win by three points. From these, six names were drawn out to receive runners-up prizes.
We gave prizes to the children who sold the winning forecasts and we had a raffle in which one child from each class from 2nd to 6th class also received a prize.
Well done to everybody.

1st Prize of €100 each :
Adam O Reilly, Ashpark (Seller: Ella O Reilly)
Annette Clarke, 53 Meadowview Grove (Seller: Katelyn Clarke)
Seamus Mc Cann, Shercock, Co. Cavan (Seller: Adam Moran)

6 Runners-Up Prizes of €50 each:
Monica Mc Donnell Elm Close
Stanley Dunne, Churchtown
Declan Sheerin, Newcastle
Nicky Lynam, Woodview
Kevin Brennan, Beech Grove
John Walsh Beech Grove