This year we had two predictions with the exact scoreline of Dublin 2.17 to Tyrone 1.14. So both of these winners received €100 each. There were three other entries  who predicted the correct cumulative score. They received €20 each. Two sellers from each class received €10 each.

This is the list of winners;

Winner Seller Prize
Grace Burns, Jun Infants Darragh Burns €100
Stephen Bennett, Sarsfield Pk Kaci Bennett €100
Pat Griffin, Ardeevin Ct Maeve Ruddy €20
Eoin McNeela Jimmy McNeela €20
Maeve Ruddy Maeve Ruddy €20


In total there was €1,870 raised, and with €420 given out in prize money we will have €1,450 to use for PE equipment for the year.

A big thank you to everybody who contributed in such a short time span.


John Egan