25th Feb 2014

As you are probably aware, the school will be putting on a production of Aladdin just before the Easter break and we are looking for some help with the props. We have a list below and if you have any of these items, could you please send them in with your child/grandchild/neighbour into the school. This would be a great help, thank you.


Silk Scarves
Aladdin’s Lamp x2
Tupper wear (or wooden bowls etc)
Fake Bling, Gold Silver Fake Jewellery
Crystal Ball
Balcony (wheelable, with room for 3 to stand upon)
Feather dusters
Floor scrubbers
Old Style Mops
Silver hair brush
Powder puff
Removing makeup scene
Crown – Jasmine & Queen
Items that could be painted gold
Gold Statues
Gold items
Treasure chest
Menu/ Scroll
Giant Stop sign
Table with cut out for head
Silver dish topper for covering head
Table cloth
Fake Gun
Device for carrying Aladdin
Bath Brush
Shower cap
Staff for Jafar (fancy walking stick??)