7th Mar 2012

How it all began!! We were given a project in school to create an ad. for a new cereal. We were thinking of a name for it. Finally we thought of Bite Delight. Then we came up with a jingle to go with the cereal. The hardest part of all was putting everything in order and getting it filmed. When it was done it looked great. Eva and Ciara.Bite Delight

The story of Twistables- When teacher told us we were going to do an ad. for a cereal we looked around and saw a packet of twistables (colours). So we used that name. Please look at our video! Carla, Ben and Nessa. Twistables

Little Texters- We put a lot of hard work into texters and we hope you like it. The decisions were hard but we made them. Eoin M. Stephen, David and Darren.Little Texters

Witch Magic Crunch- We got the name after we made a game called W.I.T.C.H. and then we thought of characters. Laura, Blessing and Naomi.
Witch Magic Crunch

Corn Pops- our mascot’s name is Mr.Corn. He is a corn on a cob. You get a free toy inside! The creators are Cormac, Aidan and Eoin K.Corn Pops

Fruit Flakes We got inspired like this- we were eating fruit and then we decided to call the cereal Fruit Flakes. Aaron and Khafu..Fruit Flakes

It was really hard to make Black and Green Flakes. It was fun too. It was cool. Emir and Dylan.Black and Green Flakes

Lego Chunks- we came up with the name because everyone loves lego. We are really proud of our work. Lego Chunks is now our favourite cereal. Charlie, Mary and Robert.Lego Chunks

We were about to give up on cereal but not anymore because we have Dragon Pops. It has free collectibles! Maya, Niamh, Abbie and Sarah.Dragon Pops

Click on the links to see our advertisements! Hope you enjoy them!!
Third Class

4 comments on “Advertising in 3rd Class

  1. charlie on said:

    I would definitely buy lego chunks.It looks so cool!

  2. Darren on said:

    Buy our cereal or PERISH!!

  3. charlie on said:

    buy our cereal!!!!