5th Jun 2014

On the 26th of May we ( the sixth class ) went to Baltinglass adventure center for our school tour. We arrived at 9:45 approximately. We were split into 3 different groups. In my group we first went to the archery. We learned how to fire a bow and arrow. We had two competitions, one team event and an singles advent. After that the teachers had a go and Mr Roche won. Next we went to the lake to go kayaking. We played some games and we had some races in the lake. Later we were allowed dive into the water off  ropes and sliding off canoes. We walked back to the adventure center after that. We went upstairs in the adventure centre and had a hot lunch of chips and sausages. We played tennis and football in the adventure center grounds. Later we went in a mini bus and drove up in to some mountains to do some orienteering. We split into teams and had time trails of running around stamping our card. Next we had to hunt for items on a list such as quarts, oak leaves, holly and much more. Just as we were about to finish the heavens opened and we had run to the mini bus. Next we went to the rock climbing, which was my favourite. You had to climb to the top and squeak the squeaky toy. We were attached onto a harness. We climbed up a giant wall and when we completed that we abseiled off the roof of the building while it was lashing rain,nbut the rain only made it better. That was are last activity and so we got on the bus and got home at 5:30 approximately. It was one of my favourite school tours.

Mark Gormley (Mr. Roche’s class)

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