17th Jun 2014

Recently, the children of Mr. Roche’s class were asked to complete a project that was a little out of the ordinary. They were told that it COULD NOT be a project that involved the traditional research, report and present model. Some groups chose to make documentaries, some groups made a multi-media art and video project, some groups created websites and some groups made computer games. Have a look at the finished projects below.

  • Abby & Rachel’s “Welcome to Scoil Mhuire” film

Our documentary is about the school, it has many different facts about the school. We interviewed some of the people who either worked in Scoil Mhuire or works in it. It was our first time to do a documentary and we really enjoyed it. It took us about 3-4 weeks. We hope you enjoy it!!! – Abby

Abby and I did a project on Scoil Mhuire. Its a mixture of the history of the school and what it’s like at the minute. We also caught up a couple of teachers, including our former principle, Mr.Thynne, and asked them a few questions about the school. We have also managed to get ourhands on a few old photos of the school and put them in. In this documentary we also include footage from when the girls camogie team made it to Croke Park this year!  Hope everyone enjoys, WELCOME TO SCOIL MHUIRE! – Rachel

To view Abby & Rachel’s video click HERE

  • Emma & Sally’s Computer Game, developed using Sploder

Emma and Sally created a computer game using the game designer Sploder, which is available to use for free online.

Collect all the coins and power ups without the baddies getting you or else you’ll have to start again. Each stage gets harder as you go along – Emma

Collect as much coins as you can but make sure the baddies don’t get you. enjoy the game. There’s 1 level and 6 stages. have fun! – Sally

To play their game click HERE

  • An Interview with Kelly K

My project is about a celebrity girl named Kelly K (me) and an interviewer (which is also me) who will be interviewing Kelly K tomorrow in school. I have recorded myself dressed up and speaking like a barbie with a high pitched voice speaking and taking pauses as if an interviewer was speaking to me at the time to make it look like I’m talking to a real celebrity tomorrow when I present my project – Jessica

To view Jessica’s movie click HERE

  • Harry & Charlie’s Penalty Shootout game, developed using Scratch

Scratch is a computer programming platform, in which coders can develop movies, games, animations, whatever from scratch by linking pieces of code together to move ‘sprites’ around the screen.

Our game is a penalty shootout game and you have to point the mouse where you want it to go, when you have taken all three shots you have to press the green flag to play again – Harry

To play their game click HERE

  • Cian & Ben’s Premier League Website

My project is a website on the Premier league with Cian. It was my first time using WordPress. Our website as loads of interesting interesting facts. I enjoyed making the website and I hope you enjoy our website.This is the link to our website: premierleaguemad.wordpress.com – Ben

For my project I chose to make a website about the Premier League. My partner was Ben, we did our website on wordpress. It was a new experience for the both of us because we had never made a website before. It consists of 5 pages, the home page, the about page, the history page, the season 2013/2014 page and the all time stats page. Ben and I had a lot of fun making our website. Hope you enjoy it. – Cian

To view Cian & Ben’s website click HERE

  • Philip’s Documentary about Esker

My project is on Esker (Lucan), it is a documentary. In the making of the documentary I learned loads on Esker that I didn’t know before the project. I hope anyone who watches the documentary learns loads like I did. – Philip

To view Philip’s video click HERE

  • Chi-Chi & Chloe’s Animation

Using Smoovie, Chi-Chi and Chloe created a stop motion animation. They had to build their set and the characters themselves before filming could even begin!

My project is a animation its about a zoo animals that escape from the zoo at the end there zoo keepers find them – Chi Chi

My project is about animals running around the zoo trying to escape but the people catch them – Chloe

To view Chi-Chi & Chloe’s movie click HERE

  • James & Stanko’s Computer Game, developed using Sploder

James and Stanko made a computer game using Sploder.

Our sploder game has 5 levels put in order of difficulty. The objective is to rescue a scientist and bring him through every level. You will find different power ups and guns in every level. In each level the monsters get harder and its harder to find your way through the mazes. – James

To play James & Stanko’s game ‘Rescue’ click HERE

  • Sarah & Lauryn’s Animation

When we were told we could so a project and it didn’t have to be your ordinary project like when you pick a topic research it and write it down in a book then present it to our class I knew I wanted to do something arty as it is one of my favourite subjects so Lauryn and I came up with our idea of Lego City we started off with just a peice of carboard and some Lego bricks first we painted out backround then brick by brick we made our little city then all we had to do was pick some music, I really enjoyed making our smoovie Lego City and hope you enjoy watching it. – Sarah

To view Sarah & Lauryn’s movie click HERE

  • Conall’s Computer Game, developed using Sploder

In my project you are trapped in the forest and when you escape you are in a city that is being taken over monsters. Then 3 years later the city has been taken over by monsters and you have to kill them and escape. – Conall

To play Conall’s game click HERE

  • Sean & Marann’s GAA website

Marann and I made a website on the GAA. We tried to fit most main points on it and it went well. We wrote about the founding of it, the rules the Sam Maguire and Liam MacCarthy, the counties the story of Setanta, Marann’s ancestor who played for Galway, the Cumann Na Mbunscoil, GAA on Tv and the Dublin Hurling squad. It was very interesting to learn about the facts of GAA that no one knows about. There are many things we didn’t mention but I’ll try and add new topics after.
The web address is: www.gaaproject.wordpress.com – Sean

Its  my first time to make a website and I really liked it. This is some information I got. My mam’s granddad played for the Galway team in 1918 and he got a Connacht  medal in 1918. There are many clubs out  side Ireland  that play GAA not just London and New York. – Marann

To view Sean & Marann’s website click HERE

  • Sam’s Animation

This project is an animation based on the classic magic trick ‘the cups and balls.’ It took a week to come up with a good idea and find the supplies. It took another week of trial and error until I was happy with the video. I used ‘smoovie’ for the animation – Sam

Sam went on to make another animation called ‘Amazing Magic’.

To view Sam’s movie ‘A Cup & Ball Story’ click HERE

To view ‘Amazing Magic’ click HERE

  • Dean & Eoin’s Computer Game, developed using Sploder

For my project I made a game. I made it with Eoin. We made the game using the website Spolder. We made five levels in the game. In each level you have to get to the level door to unlock the next level. It took us about three to four weeks to make it. – Dean

To play Dean & Eoin’s game ‘Save Your Brother’ click HERE

  • Mark’s u-14 Féile Film

To view Mark’s film click HERE

  • James & Niall’s Computer Game, developed using Scratch

Our project is a game on scratch and it is about a frog that goes on an adventure… but he meet  a very … special person – James

The project that James and I are doing is a game on Scratch called Leapser. Leapser is a frog. The game is based on Super Mario bros. In the game there are three levels and the frog has seven lives. On his journey to complete all three levels, he may find many coins but there will also be some bad guys. if he hits off the bad guys, he will lose a life but if he hits them with his tongue, they will die. He will also die if he goes too far backwards or if he falls between any gaps. We hope you will like our game. – Niall

To play James & Niall’s game click HERE

Aoibheann & Amy’s Irish dancing film

This project is still in production, it will be worth the wait- honest! Check back soon