As we waited for the bus we were put into two lines. Me and Jack Colgan were sitting beside each other. When we stopped at Merrion Sq. we walked to Trinity to have our lunch. Randomers came over and took our pictures, as I hid my face Dylan shouted “No pictures, my hairs not done!” One good thing about Trinity was the man that kicked the pigeon last time wasn’t there.

After lunch we split up with the other 5th Class. We went to the Dublin Eye and they went to the Jeanie Johnson. On the Dublin Eye I was put in a cart with Eoin, Rian, Colin and Kingsley. Colin went mad pressing all the buttons, luckily not the help button. It was the craic.

After that we walked for five minutes to get to the Jeanie Johnston Famine Ship. The other class went on to the Dublin Eye. Did you know that a baby was born on the Jeanie Johnston? Being downstairs on the boat gave me a sore throat but I still enjoyed it. They let us mess with the steering wheel.

After that we didn’t have time to have another lunch so we ate on the bus. I was still sitting with Jack C and we were in stitches laughing about nothing really. When we got home Dylan got Carla’s dib dab all over him, it was so funny.

Then we reached the classroom and put up out chairs and went home. The next day we looked at a slide show of pictures from the school tour. They were so funny.

Aoife Woods


3 comments on “5th Class Trip to Jeanie Johnson & Dublin Wheel

  1. thanks for bringing us there teacher it was really fun and i learned alot there at the boat and that was the first time ever went on the dublin wheel thanks havea good day mr.Roche.

  2. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ahh good times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite part was the dublin wheel there were no teachers with us RUN WILD!

  3. kingsley on said:

    was in it great aoife