13th Oct 2014

For the past couple of weeks the children of Mr. Roche’s 5th class have been putting together a series of Science-themed short films. These short films are all between one and three minutes long and will be entered into the ReelLife Science Competition. There were a number of themes open to primary school children for the competition. These were: ‘The Power of Science’, ‘The Food We Eat’, ‘Science in the Garden’, ‘Our Marine World’ and ‘The Science of Exercise’.

The children had to decide which theme to chose, then chose a topic within that theme, research their chosen topic, plan and storyboard their film, write their script, learn how to film and edit video footage and finally produce their film! It was a very tricky process! Most of the children in the class had never made a film or edited video footage before. Some groups chose to animate their film, using either Scratch or stopmotion, some groups chose live action, while other chose a combination of the two.

Most of the groups have now completed their film, with just two groups on the final editing stage of theirs. All the videos are available for viewing on Scoil Mhuire TV now – just click the links below. We hope you enjoy them!