29th Jun 2015

As part of our music lessons this year the children of Mr. Roche’s 5th class explored the history of a now very popular genre of music – rap/hip-hop! It is a surprisingly recent music genre, originating in the projects of Brooklyn, NYC in the late 70s.

Many rap songs from the early 80s dealt with serious issues faced by communities such as social problems, police brutality, racism etc. As part of our exploration of rap the children were tasked with writing, recording and producing their own rap song about a social issue of today such as bullying, racism, crime etc. Using the Macbook software ‘Garageband’, which allows you to string together musical loops to create backing tracks, the children recorded these wonderful songs. Each song is entirely the work of the children. They are very talented!

Anthony, Evan, Gbenga & Sami

Daniel, Evan, Kym & Shannon

Bevin, Maria & Marvelous

Eoghan & Luke

Caitriona, Hannah & Rosana

Emma, Frances & Mehjabin

Adam, Gareth, Michael & Umer

Adam & Alex