25th Jun 2015

Mr. Roche’s class have been hard at work making stop-motion animation films. Stop motion is an old form of animation that runs a series of photographs together to give the impression of a moving picture. The Wallace and Gromit series of films are a good example of stop motion in action.

For our films the children had to come up an idea, write an outline of their film, assemble and make props and backgrounds, shoot their creations, add backing music and publish it to Scoil Mhuire TV. Even though these films are short they were incredibly complicated to film as each character is only moved a tiny bit between each shot. Also most of these films were shot at a rate of between 10 and 20 frames per second. This means that for each second of footage there were between ten and twenty photographs taken! Marvelous, Maria & Bevin’s movie has more than 1,000 frames/photos in it!

Each of these films are playing now on Scoil Mhuire TV. Click on the links below to view the films and leave a comment and tell us your favourite!