4th Jun 2012

Causey Experience

On Tuesday 29th of May we went on our 3rd class school tour to Causey Experience. The bus journey was long. When we arrived at the farm, everyone was very happy.

It was my birthday that day. At Causey Farm we were going bog jumping but first we had to do an obstacle course. It was easy. I got a toy because it was my birthday.

We did a fitness test to see if we were fit enough to go bog jumping. Then we went bog jumping.

My favourite thing was the bog because when you were jumping in it you were sinking.

We did a lot of things. It was so fun. My favourite part was the bog jumping. It was the best.

We did an obstacle course. First you go through two tyres, then go on two ropes but walk on one rope over a swamp, then over a bridge, swing on a rope and then on monkey bars.

If you jump in like a pencil you could get stuck and would have to pull out your legs. On our way back we sang songs.

Before we went bog jumping we had to do an obstacle course just to get us started. When I first jumped in I got a little bit stuck so Naomi had to help me get out.
Mary Grace

Everyone got stuck at one point. I got stuck three times. We saw chicks, piglets and huge pigs.

I fed a goat. We made big bubbles. It was fun. It took one hour to get there and one hour to come back.

When we got into the bog it was so cold, wet, slimy and mucky. Just before bog jumping we did an obstacle course so we were fit for the bog.

When we arrived we had a bit of our lunch. Then we went in the back of a tractor trailer and it drove us to the bog. The bog jumping was very fun.

When we got there we saw people coming towards us. They were our tour guides. They showed us all sorts of things.

Yesterday we went on our school tour to Causey Farm. We went bog jumping and I kept on sinking. It was really fun. It was a brilliant school tour.

We went in a truck to go to the bog. We came to a forest and walked up a path. We learned all about bogs. To see if we were fit we did an obstacle course.

We fed animals and we made bubbles. We learned all about bogs.

It was the best school tour ever. The best thing was the bog jumping.