1st Feb 2011

The children in Mr. Roche’s 3rd Class created a character. Some went for an imaginery friend, some went for aliens, others went for animals. Then they wrote a poem about them. Here’s a short selection.

The Spider Pinchey

I know a little spider

Who follows me into class

Who scares my teacher and my friends

And bites me on the ass.

He’s big and scary

and very hairy

He’s black and he’s white

And gives you a fright

and a nasty nasty bite.

by Rory O’Keefe

My Robot Ted

I have this robot can’t you see?

Hear this if you don’t believe me!

His name is Ted

He lives under my bed.

He has no heart

Yet he’s still smart.

We always play

Every single day.

If you don’t believe what you’ve heard

Then you and my robot must have a word.

by Thomas Kelly

My Puppy

I got a puppy

She is white and brown

Her name is Lilly

She likes to skip

She eats my homework

She can do Art

She eats my bed

She eats my pie

She runs up stairs

She finds some bread

We went to town

She eats anything

My puppy is funny

She likes to run

by Louise Chung

The Bee

 I am a bee

And I have to flee

I forgot my key

For my tree

I’ve got to pee

At half past three

I have a feel

It looks so real

I look so pale

And I jumped a rail

by Leigh O’Neill