14th Jun 2012

The European Championship 2012 started on Friday 8/6/2012. The EUROS are every four years. At the last EUROS, Spain won it in 2008. They beat Germany 1-0. This year, Ireland are in the Euros for the first time since 1988. They’re against Croatia, Italy and Spain.
This week, Mrs. Burns 3rd Class did EURO 2012 projects. All the boys did projects on the Irish squad, we did mini fact files on all the players. The girls did mini projects on each of the countries in the Euros.
Ireland manager, Giovanni Trapattoni is the oldest manager at EURO 2012 this year. We REALLY enjoyed doing our project . TAKE A LOOK AT THEM !!!!!

By: Brendan Ruddy and Glen Conroy

6 comments on “3rd class Euro 2012 Projects

  1. We are in 4th NOW!!

  2. great project I think all the boys that worked on the project did a great job.

  3. Brendan Ruddy on said:

    It was very fun. In the end, Spain won Euro 2012. I can’t believe Greece won in 2004!!!

  4. Brendan Ruddy on said:

    Weren’t me and Glen great at the story??? If you didn’t see it, scroll up!!!!

  5. Thomas McClelland on said:

    To find this..I typed my name in On Google Images :p Brendan,Wanna talk on skype?

  6. Thomas McClelland on said:

    Brendan say: Glen and I not Me and Glen