31st Jan 2013

This is our January blog. We’ve been very busy in school. We learned two new notes on the recorder. They are F# and low D. The tune was Polly Wolly Doodle. We thought it was a bit funny.
We learned about Edvard Grieg. He was born in Norway. We listened to “Morning”. It was morning in Egypt.
In Maths,we learned fractions: halves and quarters. We started money. We have a class shop and we have prices on everything. Teacher brought in lots of money that we counted and sorted. We got €60.30.

We did penguin scenes in art and we looked at Piet Mondrian’s painting “Composition with Red, Yellow and Blue”. Then we created our own.

In SESE, we learned about Thomas Edison’s marvellous inventions. We learned about the Fianna and listened to the story of the Salmon on Knowledge.
Burns’ Night was on the 25th of January. Teacher told us about Robbie Burns.

In PE, Johnny Mc Caffery is teaching us Gaelic football. It’s good fun.

We have started the preparation for our Sacrament of Penance. We are very excited.
By Sam McGeown and Alex Woodward.