We did our Christmas play last Wednesday. All of our Mammies and Daddies saw it. We were excited and really enjoyed it.
We made snowflakes. It was hard. We stuck them on the wall.
We made nativity scenes with márla in groups. It was fun.
We are learning new chapter in our Bun go Barr about Daidí na Nollag.
We learned about symmetry in Maths and we are doing it art. We are making symmetrical Snowmen.
We did our Christmas Maths test today and we are doing our English test tomorrow.
We had a cake sale last Friday. We got nice cakes and cookies.
We are having carol service this Friday. We are busy practicing for it.
We are reading a new book called The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey. It is good so far.
We got a new song on the recorder. It is called Jingle Bells.
Ms Burns made a video of all our art and photos from our play. Click on the link below to have a look at it!! You can also see it on our Scoil Mhuire TV channel.
By Laoibhse Bould and Ernest Chow

3 comments on “2nd class blog by Laoibhse and Ernest

  1. I enjoyed doing our play! It was fun;)

  2. I enjoyed making snowflakes. and the play

  3. I enjoyed all the Christmas work, especially the symmetrical snowman.