This week we had lots of work to do especially as Ms Burns is leaving. We are sad. She was a very good teacher and came up with brilliant ideas. Now let’s get on with our news for what we did for the week.

First we did tangrams. Tangrams are Chinese puzzles. We made a lot of them. Then we made tangram pictures using all 7 pieces of the tangram. Second, we made our spring flowers. It was a lot of fun making them. Third, we made God’s eyes. We weaved wool on a paper plate. It is a tradition from Mexico.

We learned a new piece on the recorder called Trot, Trot. We now know low D and F#. At first only four children could play it but now everybody can play it.

In maths, we learned length, centimetres and metres. We measured a lot of things in the classroom. We also had our Easter maths test. In English, we started letter writing. In our copy we had to correct spelling mistakes from another letter.

Most children are making their first communion in a few weeks. We are learning the communion songs.
We are making clay pinch pots. We will paint them next week.
We started paired reading with 5th class. We read to them on Tuesdays and they read to us on Thursdays.
Have a look at our photos.
By Aakash Karlekar and Ernest Chow