22nd Jan 2015

Mr. Roche’s 5th class have just started undertaking the 100 Word Challenge! This is a literacy challenge in which the children are asked to write a 100 word story around a theme or using a few particular words chosen by the 100 Word Challenge website team. For instance this week’s challenge was based around the sense of touch and you had to include the phrase “what was that I could feel?”.

After writing their piece the children must type or copy it into our new 100 word challenge class blog and then link it to the main 100 Word Challenge website. From there the stories are placed alongside stories from children right around the world. The children are encouraged to look at, and comment upon, the stories of others.

Each week the 100 Word Challenge team pick a number of stories for a special showcase on their website. To have a look at the stories the children from Mr. Roche’s class have completed, visit their new 100 Word Challenge blog: http://mrrochesclass.weebly.com/

To find out more about the 100 word challenge and to look at stories from children around the world. Visit: http://100wc.net/