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School Calendar


For the most up-to-date information, use the interactive calendar above.

Term 1

Referendum (School Closed): Friday 4th Oct

Hallowe’en Mid-Term Break: School closed Mon 28 Oct and reopens Mon 4th Nov.

Christmas Holidays: School closes on Fri 20 Dec at 12 noon and reopens Mon 6th Jan.

Term 2

Spring Mid-Term: School closed from Monday 17th of Feb to Fri 21st Feb inclusive

Easter Holidays: School closes on Fri 11 Apr at 12 noon and reopens Mon 28th Apr

Term 3

Summer Holidays: School closes on Fri 27 June at 12 noon



  1. Paul Winter


    What are Christmas holiday arrangements? the calender says the children are back in Jan, 2010!

    kind regards,

    Paul Winter

  2. Sinead

    Hi marie,

    Do we get a bank holiday off on monday 14th of may?

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