The form for pre-registering your child for attendance in Scoil Mhuire in September 2018 is available for completion below now. This is the pre-enrolment stage where you register your interest. Formal enrolment takes place in late January / early February. You will be contacted before the next enrolment stage and be informed if there is a place for your child. You will then be advised of the documentation required and the dates for formal enrolment etc.

Completion of this form does not guarantee a place in Scoil Mhuire for the next academic year.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our updated enrolment policy by clicking here.

13 comments on “Junior Infants Pre-Enrolment 2018

  1. Peter Phillips on said:

    HOw early can/ should you apply? Our daughter won’t be 4 years old until 2019.

    • Scoil Mhuire on said:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your enquiry. We accept pre-enrolments about one year before your child is due to start.

      Peter Roche (webmaster)

  2. Hi,

    I can’t seem to get the pre-enrolment form from your website.
    Could you email it to me please?


  3. Jurgita on said:


    I would like to ask from that age now children will be starting school?it’s from 4years or from 5,becouse my twins know are 3 years and 8 month.And they go in to the pre-school.But all the rest kids are one year older,so I don’t think that 4 and 5 years children can go in one class,becouse is huge differents

  4. Hi We live in Weston Park which is in St.Mary’s parish. Can you tell me if this is in the correct area for category 1 for enrolment ? Thanks

  5. Natasha Mc Mahon on said:

    Hi I’m looking to enrolled my daughter in too seniour infants she is currently in junior infants but we just made the move to Moy Glas Chase.

  6. Hi i’m looking to enrolled my dougter in too junior infants for year 2018/2019. Thank you

  7. Nicola Finnegan on said:

    Hi I emailed the enrolment form last January for my daughter. Do I need to complete the online application? Thanks

  8. Cillian Mansfield on said:

    When and how will the notifications go out to families who expressed interest for enrolment 2018? It does not say specific details in the policy.

    • Scoil Mhuire on said:

      Hi Cillian,

      All queries regarding enrolment should be forwarded to the office, which is contactable at or alternatively you can use the Contact form on the school’s home page. These comments don’t reach the school office!


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