Clip from Mr. Thynne’s DVD

As a farewell gift to our outgoing principal, Henry Thynne, the parents’ association commissioned a special film to be made in his honour. The film contains farewell messages from staff, pupils and parents interspersed with footage from the school and clips from old school videos.

Below is a 6 minute clip from the film that was played for Mr. Thynne and his wife, Miriam at our carol service that was held in December on Mr. Thynne’s last day.


  1. aoife woods

    That was a sad sad time for us students
    :-( :-( :-(

  2. kingsley

    i know aoife so sad

  3. Brian Graham

    What a great school! I was in Scoil Mhurie back in the 80s and Mr. Thynne was a wonderful Principal…the school had a such a great atmosphere! Looking at the video, I can remember some of the scenes…the official opening, the Garda band, the ceilis!!
    Please pass on my best wishes to Mr. Thynne…I hope he enjoys his retirement, it is well deserved!
    Slán agus beannachtí

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