5th Class Titanic projects

Mr. Roche’s 5th Class recently completed and presented their ‘Titanic’ projects to the class. The children choose how they wanted to complete and present their projects. Some groups chose to design websites, one group chose to design a powerpoint presentation, one group created a mini-documentary using Scratch, while some groups opted to make a physical book.

Below you can see pictures of the groups that made books and you can also see the mini-documentary, download the powerpoint presentation and visit the Titanic websites. Enjoy!

Learn more about this project
Mini-documentary by Jack B, Eoin & Eyum

View more PowerPoint from peterroche25 Jack F, Zofia & Alex Z’s wonderful Powerpoint presentation in a newspaper style!

Ishaan, Rían & Carla’s website is called ‘Dramatic Titanic‘ and it is view it herehttp://5thclasstitanic.wordpress.com

Colin, Brent & Danesi focussed their project on life onboard the Titanic, view it herehttp://lifeoftitanic.wordpress.com

Kingsley, Liam and Lachlan’s website contains lots of information all about the ship, view it herehttp://titanickll.wordpress.com

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